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After some years of growth and the creation of the printing office next to the workshop, thanks to the brilliant intuition of the founder Umberto, the company started the production of high quality standard clips for carpenter, which was greatly appreciated by the market and became soon the jewel of their production. At the end of the Second World War the sons Gerolamo and Federico joined the management of the company. At the same time, around 1954 when the upswing of Italy's economic and social situation started, the company deposited the Brand ALPHA to be marked to every clip and later to all their products. It was in the '60ies when Gerolamo and Federico presented the first general catalogue with more than 600 articles, and the company started to export abroad. Thanks to the production boost of the '70ies the company improved their premises and totally renovated their technological process. The reengineering continued also during the '80ies to improve constantly the quality and the service to the clients. It is at this time that Umberto the grandson of the founder joined the management of the company and transformed the family business into a shareholder company. In the 90ies Umberto the CEO of the company, successfully made all the commercial and industrial changes and armed with new ideas is ready for the third millennium challenge.
To the creation of the new 2012 catalogue,  further expanded than the last one and totally renewed about the offer of products,  has collaborated Alessandro, the son of Umberto and representative of the fourth generation of Biella family.
Alessandro, that was recently included in the organization chart of the firm, is ready  to bring his contribution to produce new ideas and new solution to the industrial development of the firm, and it is ready to celebrate the ambitious goal of 100 years of business activity, that it is going to expire up on less than ten years.
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